"Ame Kita-Kamakura"
New Year Decoration


We will be holding an order event for New Year decorations by "Ame Kita-Kamakura" at amanai.

Norihiko Kamei, an artist and flower arranger, has an atelier called  "Ame Kita-Kamakura" in Kamakura City, where the atmosphere of old Japanese nature remains, and he creates works using a unique approach using a variety of natural materials, including flowers and stones. He offer a variety of art products, such as "Hanayama", which is a palm-sized version of your ideal landscape, and "Round Window", which allows you to enjoy the scenery outside the window by hanging it on the wall.

This is the second time this order event has been held, following last year, which was well received. From December 2nd to December 17th, we will be exhibiting fresh New Year decorations featuring nandinas on long leaves of pine. After placing your order, you can pick it up at amanai after the 25th  or have it delivered to your home.

According to Mr. Kamei, the opening days of the atelier are limited in December due to the overlap between production and exhibition stalls. We hope you will visit amanai as a place to see his decorations.


"Ame Kita-Kamakura"
2024 New Year Decoration Order Event

3-1-2 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
December 2nd to 17th 2023
Closed : Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Ame: Website | Instagram


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