"yato" Pop-Up Shop


We will be holding a event for "yato", a knit brand that connects Japanese textile factories to the next generation. For three days, from December 22nd to 24th, 2023, we will be introducing everyday wear such as sweaters and knitted accessories to keep you warm during the cold season.



What is "yato"?

Yato is a problem-solving brand created by knit designer Wataru Shibuya. Mr. Shibuya, who has been involved in the planning, production management, and development of knitwear for many years, has a unique background in which he has personally worked in spinning factories and farms, gaining hands-on experience in all processes from raw materials to finished products. Mr. Shibuya, who knows everything about the behind-the-scenes aspects of knitwear, launched the knit brand "Yato" in January 2023 after a long period of preparation.

Mr. Shibuya, who lives a nearly self-sufficient life in the village-vicinity mountain of Niigata, used to help grow rice in Hayama's rice fields. By becoming a part of the "meguri" of growing rice and enjoying it deliciously in the beautiful nature, he learned about the simple yet profound sense of harmony with nature. Inspired by the values ​​of not being greedy and of harmonizing with and utilizing things that cannot be seen, we named the brand after Hayama's topography, "Yato". It is a familiar topography in Kamakura, where amanai is located.


yato's manufacturing

Cashmere products made from cashmere goat hair are smooth, warm, and extremely light, but the biggest drawback is that they can pill when worn and rubbed. For this reason, you have to be conscious of the clothes you wear while you are active, and considering the time and effort it takes to care for them, many people probably refrain from wearing cashmere on many occasions or times.

In order to solve these problems, Mr. Shibuya is conducting a wear test for about 300 days. Based on his desire to have high-quality materials worn on a daily basis and his experience, he has created ideal knitwear that is lightweight, soft, and resistant to pilling.

In the modern fashion industry cycle, mechanical tests may be performed by testing agencies, but in most cases tests that involve people wearing them in their daily lives are not performed. Yato only makes standard shapes, making fine adjustments every year, and paying close attention to ensuring that the people who wear it can use it comfortably for a long time.


Photo: Susumu Yamane


yato design

At this event, we will be introducing a 100% cashmere crew neck sweater. Turtleneck sweater>< Shawl fabric><arm warmers> and 100% merino wool <snood>. We also have <knit pants> as a model, but it is unclear whether they will be available in time for this event due to coordination with the factory.

Yato only makes standard molds. For this reason, the design aims to eliminate decorations as much as possible, with the aim of creating a design that will not look outdated even 10 years from now. Mr. Shibuya says that a neutral design brings out the individuality and charm of the wearer, giving them a completely different look. It is unisex and can be worn by any body type, and depending on the model, there is no front or back. The fabric is ``no-sew'' without sacrificing functionality, so you can experience a soft feel that hugs your body.



yato's efforts

It is very important to select high-quality raw materials, choose a production background that ensures careful manufacturing, and take advantage of the characteristics of the materials, craftsmanship, and machinery. On top of that, we have adopted a system that provides maximum benefit to both the factory and the customer. By working together with the factory and brand to develop products, we are able to return profits to the factory, and by not setting wholesale prices, we are able to deliver high-quality products to customers at affordable prices. Mr. Shibuya has adopted a style of selling the products himself, by holding sales events at shops that are familiar with the products. Yato's efforts are also the antithesis of the fashion industry's structure of continually releasing new products each season and the proliferation of brands.



Knitwear as everyday wear

As amanai, which proposes daily necessities, we really sympathize with Yato's knits, which can be used on a daily basis, and have been wearing them since last season. In terms of hare and ke, this is clothing that corresponds to ``褻''. Yet Yato's knits have a stripped-down beauty that doesn't look unfashionable. Pills are less likely to form even with casual daily movements and friction, This is a rare knit that is also elegant as outerwear.

In preparation for the upcoming cold season, please buy this as a gift for yourself or someone close to you who has worked hard this year.



"yato" Pop-Up Shop

3-1-2 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture
December 22nd to 24th, 2023
*Mr. Wataru Shibuya will be in the shop all day.

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