"amanai" is a select shop for daily necessities.
We prefer carefully selected materials that are gentle on your hands and senses, and the longer you use them, the more you will love them. It is an excellent product that improves your mood by incorporating it into your daily life, and you won't even notice its presence when you use it. Ideally, everyday items should complement the person who uses them like props in a film.

“Daily Necessities as Tools”
We suggest crafts and art pieces that will appeal to you.

Our shop

Touch, smell, and listen to sounds. There is nothing better than the original experience, even seeing things. We create a space where people and things can interact. As an opportunity to build new values, we would be happy if it could be a place to mediate creators and people.


3-1-2 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan