Kakimori Pop Up Event

kakimori at amanai

We will be holding a pop-up event for the stationery store "Kakimori" based in Kuramae, Tokyo.

Kakimori values the joy of writing, ​​the connections and sensibilities with people through the experience of writing. They produce stationery as daily necessities that can be used for a long time.  Their "Order Note" and "Order Ink"  services that you can make your own stationery are very famous with stationery funs. Kakimori that proposes stationery with an exquisite the worldview that is neither too core nor too wide attracts many people.


We propose "dip pen" series on a daily basis at our shop. It is a very niche writing instrument, different from the widely known ballpoint pen or the fountain pen. However, those who have tried writing with the dip pen are fascinated its comfortable writing experience. Kakimori's unique pen tip allows you to write by changing the angle of inclination to vary the thickness of the line, or by laying it down and filling it with ink, allowing for a wide range of expressions that can be written with a single tip. Another great point is that you can continue writing on an A5 size page just by onece you dip it into the ink bottle.

It is easy to clean and you can start writing whenever you want. Although dip pens are a niche and classic tool, we are paying attention to the fact that they may be a sustainable writing instrument for the future.


Yokan color Kakimori amanai limited ink

In addition to the usual items, this event will feature Kakimori notebooks, planners, and the newly released Hasamiyaki pen rest. You can also order "Yokan color" as an exclusive ink for amanai.


When creating the limited edition ink, we wanted to create a color that is typical of amanai and is easy to use on a daily basis. A dark black color similar to ink, which is rooted in Japanese writing culture. The world of color is deep, and even black has countless variations. When we searched through books to see if there was anything interesting about black, we found a passage from Junichiro Tanizaki's "In Praise of Shadows."


“The color of the yokan becomes even more meditative when you put it in a lacquer confectionery bowl and submerge it into the darkness where you can barely make out the color of its skin.”


When we looked into it, we found out that it is called "yokan color", and it seems to be a color that expresses the faded appearance of black or purple kimonos, such as those with black crests. We thought it would be interesting to imagine an ink bottle that looks like a manju filled with red bean paste, so we decided to name it that way. Before the ink dries, it has a yokan-like luster, and by adding shading with a dip pen, you can change it from ink black to light ink, making it an easy to use color. This ink can be used not only with dip pens but also with fountain pens. Please try it at amanai.

We will also be open on the 23rd, a public holiday. We look forward to your visit.




Kakimori Pop Up Event

3-1-2 Yuigahama, Kamakura City,
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

November 10th to 26th, 2023
Opening Hour 12:00-17:00
Closed on Wed & Thu

◯Limited edition ink “Yokan color” is a made-to-order item.
Please inquire at our shop or send a message from contact for details.

◯Available online items [ → Web Shop ]

 Available items only at our physical shop during the event
・Pigment ink
・Ink sampler set
・Hasami pen rest
・Color liner kit
・B6 planner
・A5 notebook
・Letter set

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