Vilhelm Hertz Cane

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A T-shaped cane with a wooden grip and carbon fiber shaft. The length is adjusted to suit the user's body.

The shaft is made of lightweight carbon fiber. It is lighter and more flexible than regular walking sticks made of aluminum or wood, and eases the strain on your arm. Since there are no adjustment fittings, there is no rattling sound that is typical when using a cane.

The grip is made of solid white ash. It is moderately hard and durable, and is a material that goes well with hands and is used for furniture and handrails. Since it is made of solid wood, it feels comfortable against the skin and has excellent functionality such as absorbing sweat from your hands. The color is whitish yellow, with a beautiful, subtle wood grain.

Vilhelm Hertz Cane is an auxiliary tool for postural balance in daily life. It can be used to prevent you from stumbling or to provide light support when standing up or standing still. Recommended for those who are already using a T-shaped cane or those who are starting to feel anxious about walking.


Material & Size
Grip       White Ash  W114×H270×Φ30mm
Shaft     Carbon fiber  Φ10mm
Tip         Rubber  H45× Φ25mm
Designed by Vilhelm Hertz
Manufactured by
Vilhelm Hertz Japan, Hirata Chair Manufacturing
Made in Japan


How to order
Available at amanai physical shop. Please come to our shop and we will take your measurements and process the length of the cane. If you have a foot condition or disability, we may recommend using a Lofstrand clutch instead of this product. In that case, we would like to introduce you to Vilhelm Hertz's atelier in Tokyo. Please feel free to contact us first.


Vilhelm Hertz
A brand of walking aid canes born in the small workshop in Denmark. It is a beautiful cane that supports not only its aesthetic appearance but also the psychological and functional aspects of the user. Production in Japan will begin in 2023 under the supervision of Naoyuki Miyata, who lived and worked at the workshop, and proposes canes that fit into the daily lives of the people who use them.


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