Vilhelm Hertz Order Event at amanai

Wand of Vilhelm Hertz


From September 16th to 24th, 2023, we will hold an order fair for Vilhelm Hertz canes at amanai.


What is Vilhelm Hertz?
Vilhelm Hertz is a custom-made cane brand founded by joinery craftsmen and metalworkers in Denmark. The brand was started in 2017 with the names of two craftsmen, and Naoyuki Miyata who is a product designer was joined to be a Japanese agent. From 2023, production in Japan has began under the supervision of both craftsmen and Miyata.

Back story



Products of Vilhelm Hertz
As of September 2023, there are two types produced in Japan: the "Poker" type called Lofstrand Crutch and the T-shaped "Vilhelm Hertz Cane".


Vilhelm Hertz (Lofstrand clutch/T-shaped cane)

Poker & Vilhelm Hertz cane


Both of them use carbon fiber (carbon fiber) for the shaft, which is lighter and stronger than the wood and aluminum used for general walking sticks. When you put your body on it, it bends like a bow and supports your body. The carbon fiber shaft has been tested to withstand a load of 300kg, so you can rest assured of its strength. It supports your weight like a part of your body without the unpleasant clatter of metal when you walk.

Vegetable tanned leather is used for the part that supports the arm of the cane. Unlike plastic or synthetic leather, natural leather adjusts to your wrist as you take care of it. It may be easier to understand if you compare it to leather shoes or a baseball glove. Plastic and synthetic leather also have advantages such as lightness and ease of maintenance, but natural leather has advantages in terms of long-term use.

Both handles are made of wood, and like leather, wood is a gentle material that is easy on people, and it is also excellent in terms of functionality, such as absorbing sweat.




Welfare and Design
Miyata says that Wilhelm Hertz's cane contributes not only to its functionality but also to the psychological aspects of its users.

Vilhelm Hertz/Wilhelm Hertz/Lofstrand Clutch/Denmark

“Until now, every time I met someone, I would ask, 'What's wrong with your leg? Are you okay?' But when I got this cane, my voice changed to envy, saying, "That cane is cool! Where did you get it? I want one too!" Life has completely changed! ” ( comment from a Danish customer )

It seems that people who have anxiety about walking are often forced to psychologically burden not only the impact on their real lives, but also the worries of others. Mr. Miyata believes that it is necessary to have well-designed products precisely because they are welfare equipment. I am involved in making wands for Vilhelm Hertz from both sides.

Vilhelm Hertz's cane was awarded the "2022 Good Design Gold Award" in the form of that thought. Of course, there is also a part of recognizing past achievements, but I think that the "expectations" from the design world for the future led to the award.

The number of cane users is gradually increasing in Japan, and some people have been using Danish canes for a long time before switching to Japanese production. Please take a look at the user's photo on the official Instagram. It is impressive to see everyone happily using their canes.

2022 Good Design Award Japan

instagram - Vilhelm Hertz Japan



About the order fair
During the exhibition period, you can freely try Vilhelm Hertz's products. If you would like to purchase, please read the following instructions.

●Poker/Lofstrand Clutch
Reservations are required to ensure accurate measurements and counseling. We will deliver it in about 3 months with custom order manufacturing. Please make a reservation in advance using the form below.

● Vilhelm Hertz Cane / T-shaped cane
You can purchase without reservation. It is possible to measure and process on the spot and take it home on the day. Please come with time to spare.

Poker 12mm ¥170,000 (tax exempt)
Poker 10mm ¥168,000 (tax exempt)
Vilhelm Hertz Cane ¥55,000 (tax included)
*Please also check the details at the bottom of the page

●Naoyuki Miyata Store days
September 16th Sat, 18th Mon, and 24th Sun.

Please feel free to come and have a chat about not only consultations about canes, but also daily life in Denmark and the "dialogue" that is the core of his activities. If Mr. Miyata is present, we can accept orders for poker.

Reservation Form



About amanai
amanai, the venue, is a daily goods store in Kamakura that handles a variety of items centered on "daily items as tools." A cane is nothing but an indispensable "tool" for walking, and we would like to introduce it as a daily necessities that is close to our lives. A 10-minute walk from Kamakura Station and a 2-minute walk from Wadazuka Station on the Enoshima Electric Railway, the shop is located in a good location. If you have a car, you can park in the coin parking in front.



Need a cane now? , If you ask, it may be the majority of people who are not. Still, I think it will be a good opportunity to know that there is a craftsmanship like Vilhelm Hertz , even though you don't know when you will suddenly need a cane.

We will be exhibiting sticks other than poker and Vilhelm Hartscane, so you can see them freely during the period. You can actually pick it up and try it, so please feel free to visit us first.

We will prepare a lot of perspectives such as Danish and Japanese manufacturing, the way of thinking about welfare, and the future of design. Please introduce us to those you know who are worried about walking. We are looking forward to your visit.



Vilhelm Hertz Order Fair

Location: amanai 3-1-2 Yuigahama, Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture Japan
Period: 2023.9.16 Sat - 24 Sun
Hours: 11:00 - 17:00
Poker / Lofstrand Clutch
Shaft diameter 12mm ¥170,000 (tax exempt)
Shaft diameter 10mm ¥168,000 (tax exempt)
*Reservation required (Made to order/Delivery time: 3 months)
*10% OFF for 2-piece set

Vilhelm Hertz Cane / T-shaped cane
¥55,000 (tax included)
*No reservation required (measured and processed and delivered on the same day)