Kofu Chair

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A dining chair that combines elegance and comfort and is constructed from a small number of materials. Its distinctive feature is that the backrest, called a Kasagi, draws a deep arc and is designed to double as an armrest. The seat is made of paper cord and has a gentle touch, so you can sit comfortably by sitting deeply.

The back legs are carved from a single piece of wood, twisted, and tapered toward the ground. At first glance, you may not realize that the composition is as simple as a child's drawing. This chair embodies the philosophy of Soichi : "Even simple, universal forms have special charm."

It can be used as a home dining chair or as an office chair.


Size  W560×D530×H715mm/SH420mm
Material  oak, paper cord (flat surface)
Finishing  Glass painting
Made in Japan


About Orders
・Only within Japan
・The product is made to order.
・We will contact you regarding the delivery date after placing your order .
・There are individual differences in the color and grain of the wood.
・It will be delivered by Yamato Home Convenience.
・You can see the actual product at our physical shop.


Craftsmen who mainly produce wooden furniture. Founded in Yokohama in 2020 as a custom-made furniture manufacturer, they create products that are not bound by the framework.


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