Canes, baked sweets and coffee

Lofstrand clutch Wilhelm Hertz



In May and June 2024, we held a Vilhelm Hartz cane experience event. By wearing a simulated hemiplegia experience device, participants were able to experience the role of a cane. People who do not normally use a cane, especially young people, seemed surprised when they tried it. It was impressive to see people of working age trying it out while thinking of their parents or people close to them.

In conjunction with the event, customers were also able to enjoy baked sweetx from "Shichika" and a pop-up coffee by "Coffee Tagawa". It felt as though each customer was drawn to the other, creating a synergistic effect in the space. We'd like to share with you what it was like at the time.




・Vilhelm Hartz Cane Experience Event [ Event ]