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Beautiful handmade scissors made with traditional methods. It is a traditional craft of Kagoshima prefecture where all affirmations are done by hand.

Umekimoto Seed Scissors Factory
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Tanebasami is said to have its roots in Tang scissors from China, which were brought to Tanegashima island along with the introduction of guns in 1543. Blessed with high-quality iron sand and coniferous forests, Tanegashima island has been a place where the culture of "Tatara ironmaking" and "Blacksmithing" has taken root since ancient times. It is said that many blacksmiths competed with each other in their skills and made scissors while making swords and guns. After the decree banning swords, the production of scissors became the main business, and eventually it became a traditional industry of the island.

The biggest feature is the blade made with a manufacturing method called "tsuke hagane / forge welding". The steel that will be the blade is heated to a high temperature and then hammered to bond it to the base iron that is the base of the scissors. By hammering and forging two types of steel, it becomes a blade that has both hardness and tenacity.

The blades have a subtle twist and are adjusted so that the blades meet at one point. The vibrations of the blade rubbing against each other are transmitted to your hands, allowing you to cut comfortably.

Tsukehagane is a technique that draws on the flow of swordsmithing, and requires the skill and experience of craftsmen. Umeki hon-tane Scissors is the only mill that handcrafts scissors one by one with the skill.

The part of the handle is colored black by baking using oil. It is a coloring method used in gunsmithing, and it is a dignified color that retains the texture of iron. The tip of the handle is decorated with a small round detail called minajiri, which gives it a cute design that makes you feel the softness of the hard blade.

It is an item that is appreciated as a celebration or gift, with the meaning of "opening up a new life".


How to use
You can use it as a tool for everyday use such as paper, fabric, and gardening. Please choose the size according to the purpose and the size of your hand.

Wipe off moisture and dirt after use. For daily care, we recommend wiping with a dry cloth. Gradually, black rust appears and the taste becomes deeper. Covering the entire scissors with black rust also has the effect of preventing red rust.

When applying oil, be careful not to apply it thickly. It is difficult to completely prevent rust, and the oil may solidify. It is desirable to apply a very small amount and blow it up lightly.

If it becomes difficult to open, apply oil to the rubbing part of the fulcrum.


Size : 120 × 47mm
Blade length : 45mm
Material : Steel
Country : Japan


Umeki Hon-tane-basami Seisakusho
The workshop of Mr. Shoji Umeki, a craftsman who has inherited the blacksmithing techniques passed down for 37 generations. It is the only company that makes scissors by hand using the traditional method of making steel.