"Stem" blowing glass

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A beautiful, transparent glass with a sturdy and stable stem.

The stem is much thicker than delicate glasses such as wine glasses, so it may be more appropriate to call it a goblet. By making the stem thicker, the center of balance is lowered, creating a sense of stability when using it.

The origin of the design is said to be British products from the 18th to 19th centuries. Glass produced during the Industrial Revolution combined the individuality of glass products that had been handcrafted up until that point with the toughness of industrial products. Based on the prototype, Osamu Saruyama designed this product, bringing it back to the modern life.

Each piece is made by artisans using a technique called "mouth-blowing," so the shape and appearance of each piece is slightly different. The clear glass has a unique mass, and this is due to the careful selection of raw materials and their composition.  If you look through the body of the glass, you can see wavy marks. 

This is an excellent product for everyday use as it can be used for drinks such as wine and juice, as well as ice cream and yogurt.


Since these are handmade products, there may be individual differences in size and weight. Some may have air bubbles mixed in, but please remind this as part of their individuality.




Size : 68 × 150mm
Capacity : 250ml
Weight : 240g

Material : Glass
Design : Osamu Saruyama
Made in Japan



Azumaya continues to propose new aspects of good old Japanese "things" that are easy to use in modern life. Products that make use of craftsmanship have a consistent sense of beauty while considering the user.