Snap Pad SQ A5

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A cotton-covered binder that allows you to easily bind paper with  snap buttons. You can bind paper that has been punched with two holes on the short side of A5 paper.



The product was born from the idea of reusing blank side of paper as a memo pad. Holds 100 sheets of copy paper. You can use it as your own memo pad by punching holes in the backing paper or your favorite paper with a common two-hole punch. Dedicated refill sold separately ( 1mm pin-graph / Plain ) available.

The original pressed cotton is pressed with some machines that were used to make tent fabric. It's durable and firm, and the more you use it, the more you'll naturally fade and get used to it, so you can enjoy aging like denim.

The core material is hard, so you can write while standing. The cover protects the paper, so it can be used not only as a memo pad but also for filing documents.



Size : 160 × 230mm
Material : Cotton, Paper
Made in Japan


Founded in Brooklyn, New York. Currently based in Tokyo, they propose a wide range of products such as stationery, bags, and wear. They make things from a unique perspective that takes hints from people's movements and lifestyles, and sometimes from the structure of animals and plants.