Postcard Wallet

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Envelope type wallet with eyelet and string. The size is just right for storing small paper items such as postcards and receipts, and it is also ideal for carrying passports, passbooks, and cards.

There are 3 pockets that open wide, and you can adjust and fasten them with strings and eyelets according to the thickness of the contents. It is large enough to store postcards and can also store a thin A6 size notebook. There is one business card size pocket inside and a pen holder on the back.

The original Pressed Cotton is pressed with some machines that were used to make tent fabric. It's durable and firm, and the more you use it, the more you'll naturally fade and get used to it, so you can enjoy aging like denim.

Cowhide is tanned with plant astringency (tannin) and colored with dyes. Because it is a method that makes use of the original texture of the material, it is attractive that you can see the individuality of each leather. By using it for a long time, the depth and luster of the color will increase, and you can use it with attachment.

It does not add bulk even if you put it in your bag, so you can use it in a wide range of ways depending on your ideas. It is a wallet that can be used freely, such as storing stationery or putting cash and cards in place of a wallet.


Size 193 × 135mm
Material : Pressed Cotton, Soft Cowhide
Made in Japan



Founded in Brooklyn, New York. Currently based in Tokyo, they propose a wide range of products such as stationery, bags, and wear. They make things from a unique perspective that takes hints from people's movements and lifestyles, and sometimes from the structure of animals and plants.