Kakimori ink wood cap

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Pigment ink for colorful fountain pens. It is packed in a round Kakimori original bottle.

A lovely bottle that looks like the dripping glass has hardened. The 20mm mouth is tilted 8 degrees for easy pen tip insertion. The shallow bottom makes it difficult for the penholder to get dirty, and the center of gravity is stable, so you don't have to worry about it tipping over. The ink bottle itself has been redesigned to create a thoughtful design. There are two types of caps available: wooden and plastic .

Pigmented ink with excellent lightfastness and water resistance. It is said that it is suitable for addressing letters and long-term storage. It's soft and easy to use, and has funny names like onomatopoeic words that match the image of each color.


Tototo Kakimori ink amanai

The best rosé wine is a feast for both the color and the sound of pouring into the glass. For anniversary messages and everyday colors


Kururi Kakimori Ink amanai

The tips of the plant vines are twisting and trying to grab onto something. Green that is full of vitality in calmness



Toppuri Kakimori Ink amanai

If you strain your eyes in the dark night sky, you may be able to see the stars. Calm colors that make you want to look back on the day


Mukuri Kakimori Ink amanai

When a hibernating bear wakes up, the first thing he sees is the color of red clay that has become familiar with his skin. The color that signals the arrival of a new season.


Kotori Kakimori ink amanai pigment ink

All you can hear is the soft sound of the ink bottle being put down. In such a quiet night, when you want to run a pen calmly




amanai has 5 colors. It is an ink that you want to use on a daily basis that is close to the writer. Please use it together with the dip pen.


How to handle
・Close the lid and shake the bottle before using.
・Do not store in direct sunlight.
・If you accidentally get ink in your eyes or drink it, take emergency measures such as washing it off with water. Please consult your doctor

Size : H48 x Ø58mm
Volume : 35ml
Weight : 120g
Material : Sakura Wood, Glass, PE (washer)
Design : Makoto Koizumi
Manufacturer : Yamamura Glass Bottle Manufacturing,
Turner Colour Works Ltd. (ink)
Made in Japan


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