Pen rest

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A pen rest with a characteristic round shape. It's a nice pen resting place when you stop writing.

The dent on the surface draws a gentle arc, and the pen is held in the palm of your hand. Perfect for putting down pens that roll easily . You can put 2-3 thin pens.

There are three types, one with a beautiful wood grain and the other with indigo dyeing and lacquer(Urushi) finishing. It goes well with the dipping pen with the same wooden shaft.

Dip Pen Kakimori amanai metal nib holder

You can put any writing instrument and use it. Even though it is a pen rest, it is a lovely piece of wood that is pleasing to the eye even when not in use.


・Wood grain and color are different for each item
・Wipe off ink and water with a soft cloth
・Be careful of sudden temperature changes and dryness


Size : 20mm × Ø65mm
Weight : 33g
Material : Yamazakura (Urethane/Indigo dyeing/Lacquer)
Design : Makoto Koizumi

Body : Arai Seizaisho
Indigo dyeing : Might Design Works
Lacquer : Komai Lacquerware
Made in Japan


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