Pen nib

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Stainless steel nib. Easy to clean, you can start writing quickly when you want to write. It's as comfortable as a fountain pen, and you'll want to keep writing.

Dip pens are old-fashioned tools, but they may be writing instruments that are more suitable for the times to come. It's a light writing tool that you'll want to continue using 10 years from now.



・Nib only — nib holder sold separately.
・When removing the nib from the shaft, pull it out slowly while turning it.
・Ink may not come out easily if you apply a strong impact. ・Writing tests have not been conducted with inks other than Kakimori.


Size : 9 × 3 × 34mm
Weight : 0.5g
Material : Stainless steel, Iridium
Manufacturing Japan Fountain Pen Manufacturing
Made in Japan


A stationery store based in Kuramae known as Japanese downtown, where people who write and have fun. We value the connection and sensibility with people through the experience of writing, and propose stationery as a daily tool that can be used for a long time.