Shaker Oval Box #5

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Shaker's oval box is a beautiful storage box with meticulous attention to detail and finish.

The Shakers, who flourished in America in the 18th century, were self-sufficient in even producing furniture and household items, based on their teachings that emphasized discipline and hard work. The everyday items they made during their communal lives were both functional and beautiful, with no unnecessary elements.

This masterpiece was created by Mr. Okuno, who has a workshop in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture, and faithfully follows the production process of the Shaker oval box, from the pattern to the copper nails and other parts.




・Avoid sunlight, stoves, and air conditioners
・Wipe dry with a soft cloth when cleaning
・Do not wash with water
・Cannot be stored any wet things



Size :  242 × 165 × 85mm
Material : black cherry, copper
Exterior finish : linseed oil, beeswax
Interior finish : unpainted
Made in Japan


Size comparison with a paperback book

Shaker Oval Box No.3

Oval Box #3 W178 × D115 × H58mm


Shaker Oval Box No.4

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Shaker Oval Box No.5

Oval Box #5 W242 × D165 × H85mm


Shaker Oval Box No.6

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Shaker Oval Box No.7

Oval Box #7 W318 × D222 × H121mm


Shaker Oval Box No.8

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Shaker Oval Box No.9

Oval Box #9 W406 × D282 × H159mm



Tiny workshop
Kenichi Okuno's workshop is located in Noto, Ishikawa Prefecture. He was fascinated by the oval box of the Shaker and independently researched its spirit and techniques. He produces all the processes by himself and faithfully follows every detail.