Obento Box

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This bento box is made of curved cypress wood and finished with lacquer. The wood is bent and secured with cherry bark by "Kiji Kobo Nishitame" in Hida Takayama. It is crafted with amazing care, and the lacquer is applied using the technique of Shunkei lacquer, resulting in a unique, translucent finish. The lacquer dramatically prevents mold and corrosion, making it a sturdy and very lightweight bento box. Comes with bamboo chopsticks.


Size      Large W 203×D 96×H 60mm
             Small W 189×D 90×H 53mm
Weight  Large 640ml/125g
              Small 450ml, 105g
Material  Kiso cypress straight grain, cherry bark, lacquer
Manufacturing Nishitame
Made in Japan



Azumaya continues to reexamine traditional Japanese "things" to make them easier to use in modern life and to propose new aspects. Products that utilize the skills of artisans have a consistent aesthetic sense while also being considerate of the user.