Mineral Key Holder

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It is a key holder that combines minerals taken from nature and brass. The brass rod is screwed, remove the stone side and pass the key through.



Even if the minerals are of the same type, the appearance of the layers will differ depending on the balance of the mixed components. No two quarried stones are the same, and craftsmen carve and mold them by hand, so each one has its own individuality.



The coating on brass rods gradually wears away, and the more you use them, the more lustrous they become. The stone is not as strong as brass, but it gradually becomes more familiar and mellow.

A unique key holder that uses minerals as a tool for everyday use. Finding your favorite stone is one of the pleasures.




Mineral key holder Postalco lapis lazuli mineral keyholder lapis lazuri
Lapis Lazuli


Mineral key holder Postalco sodalite mineral keyholder soda lite


Mineral keyholder Postalco Ruby in zoisite mineral keyholder Ruby in zoisite
Ruby Zoisite


Mineral key holder Postalco quartz mineral keyholder Quartz

There are individual differences in the color, shape, and size of minerals. It will be delivered randomly, but you can also choose by sending a photo by e-mail. Please feel free to contact us.



Size 20 × 52 × 20mm
Material : Mineral, Brass
Made in Japan



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