Metal nib

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Kakimori Metal nib. Since it corresponds to general standards, you can attach it to your favorite pen holder and write. View the compatibility chart.

It is shaped like a boat, with metal columns converging toward the tip. A unique mechanism that holds ink in eight evenly spaced grooves. The principle is the same as the glass pen, but it is an original product of Kakimori that is unlike any other metal. It is finely machined, so you don't have to worry about the tip breaking like a normal nib.

You can choose the material from stainless steel and brass. Stainless steel is rust-resistant, durable, and has a solid writing feel. Brass has a slightly soft writing feel, and you can enjoy the change in texture. Both are smoothness that you can't think of as metal.

When writing, tilt the pen about 45 degrees and write. You can change the tilt angle to add strength to the thickness of the line, or you can lay it down and fill it with ink to write. You can easily write sentences that can be written in one breath with one ink.

It is easy to clean and you can start writing quickly when you want to write. Dip pens are old-fashioned tools, but they may be writing instruments that are more suitable for the times to come. It's a light writing tool that you'll want to continue using 10 years from now.



・Nib only — nib holder sold separately.
・The color of the brass nib changes over time.
・When removing the nib from the shaft, pull it out slowly while turning it.
・If you apply a strong impact, the ink may not come out easily. not done


Size : 30mm × Ø6mm
Weight : 4g
Material : Stainless steel / brass
Manufacturing : ALLOY
Design : Hayato Yamazaki

Made in japan



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