Rice bowl small

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A rice bowl made from the rich soil of Iga. The rustic texture of the soil and the beautiful appearance are attractive.

Iga ware is said to have become authentic since the Kamakura period. Pottery clay is produced from strata containing many remains of plants and animals that lived 4 million years ago. When fired at a high temperature, the corpse part is burned out and fine pores are created, and the porous texture is so coarse that it is said to be "breathing soil." The pedestal is not glazed and you can feel its roughness.

The glaze is also made from feldspar and lime from Iga, which makes the surface smooth. Only the bowl part is glazed, so the contrast with the rustic look of the pedestal is fun. We have three types: black candy, lime, and Shino.


Black candy Lime Shino


Two sizes are available: large and small. The small one has a sharp inverted triangle shape, and the large one has a plump and rounded shape. You can use 150g of cooked white rice for the small and 200g for the large.

Pottery called “Tsuchimono” needs to be sealed before it can be used. First, put the bowl in a pot with the rice water and boil it for about 10 minutes. After that, remove the bowl, cool it slowly, wash it with water and dry it to complete. By doing the sealing work, dirt and odors are less likely to stick. After use, wash and dry well, and store in a well-ventilated place to prevent stains and mildew.

different shape and weight Individuality can be seen in each one. You can enjoy the change in texture according to how you use it, and you can use it as tableware that grows as you use it.


Size : diameter 122mm height 55mm
Weight : about 170g
Material : Soil
Made in Japan
Remarks : Microwaveable



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