Koumori Umbrella

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A classic look umbrella made of wood and beautiful fabric with brass details. It is a delicate yet sturdy umbrella that can be used for a long time.

Koumori Umbrella


The handle shaped like the letter "J" is made of ash wood, and is connected to the oak shaft. When closed, the fabric is slender and beautiful, giving it a distinctive cane-like appearance. It is decorated with brass, and the more you use it, the nicer the texture will become.

This umbrella has eight ribs that open in a well-balanced manner and can be easily held by both men and women. There are two sizes available: 65cm (for Men) and 55cm (for Women).


Men's  65cmm Total length 93.5cm
Women's 55cm total length 78cm
Fabric  Polyester
Grip     Ash
Shaft   Oak
Bone   8 pieces iron
Parts   Brass
Made in Japan



An umbrella brand made by Japanese craftsmen. Each piece is made by hand with attention to detail. The brand's name comes from the old Japanese name for umbrella, which was called "Koumori / Bat".