Kettle Zipper Wallet Thin

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A lightweight, thin wallet that opens like a bellows file.

The zipper is attached in an arc to the distinctive hexagonal body with dropped corners. The handle is a cute metal fitting inspired by the handle on the lid of a tea kettle. It is easy to grip with your fingers and opens and closes smoothly.

When you open the mouth, the partition expands like a bellows file, making it easy to take out. You can store about 10 cards, folded bills, and coins in each pocket and carry them compactly. Place coins in the middle pocket with a high divider. It is designed to prevent coins from getting loose when you carry it around.

Original Geology goatskin is made by clogging the grains of the leather during the tanning process, creating unevenness called grain. It's glossy and smooth, and minor scratches aren't noticeable. The leather is very supple, making it easy to open. For the partitions and lining, calfskin (cowhide) and pigskin (pig leather) are used instead of fabric. The appeal is that it lasts longer than fabric, and the more you use it, the more its texture increases.

A comfortable wallet that keeps your belongings to a minimum for payments.



Size            108 × 90 × 18mm
Material     Goat leather / Cowhide / Pig leather
Made in     Japan



Founded in Brooklyn, New York. Currently based in Tokyo, they propose a wide range of products such as stationery, bags, and wear. They make things from a unique perspective that takes hints from people's movements and lifestyles, and sometimes from the structure of animals and plants.