Iga Jar

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A pot made from the rich soil of Iga. The rustic texture of the soil accentuates the solid appearance.

Iga ware is said to have become authentic since the Kamakura period. Fine-grained red clay is used as the base material, and the entire surface is smoothly covered with a black candy glaze. By baking at a high temperature, the water absorption is reduced and the acid resistance is increased.

Since it is not completely sealed, it is suitable for making fermented foods such as pickles and miso. It is resistant to color transfer and odor transfer, so it can be washed and used repeatedly.

You can also use traditional kitchen utensils such as chopsticks and wooden spatulas upright.



Size : 170mm / including lid approx. 220mm
Caliber : 180mm

Material : red clay, black candy glaze
Made in Iga City, Mie Prefecture, Japan



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