Clothes Brush

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Clothes brush for suits and coats with horse tail and armpit hair. The bristles, which are both soft and strong, remove dust.

Owakige is the hair that grows at the base of a horse's tail. It is a rare material that combines the contradictory characteristics of being soft to the touch and strong in the waist. Mr. Kazuo Ishikawa, a craftsman and founder, focused on this tail hair and has consistently worked on everything from selection of materials to design and production processes so that it can be used as a brush.

The material of the handle is Katsura, which is characterized by its pale greenish yellow wood grain. The oval shape allows you to hold the brush as if you were holding it directly, and is designed to prevent power from escaping. The bristles are manually implanted into more than 200 holes to create a surface that allows powerful brushing without damaging the fabric.

The brush not only removes fine dust, but also prepares the surface of the fabric and deepens the luster while maintaining the original texture. With frequent brushing, you can maintain the condition of your precious clothes, and you can take care of them at home without sending them to the dry cleaners. You can use it for a long time as a daily tool for a rich look.


Size : 57 × 210 ×  50mm
Hair length : 35mm
Material : horse tail armpit hair, katsura, urethane varnish finish
Weight : 150g
Country : Japan

* There are individual differences in wood grain
*The color of the string is random red, navy blue, and black.

Ishikawa Brush
A brush maker founded by craftsman Kazuo Ishikawa. We have independently researched everything from materials, manufacturing methods, and usage, and our brushes, which are packed with that philosophy, stand out from other products.