Hime fork

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A small fork that shines with cool and transparent silver. This is a small fork that originated in Japan and is a perfect tool for eating bite-sized desserts and cheese.

Hime Fork Cheese Azmaya


The black lettering used in Japanese sweets and the design reminiscent of toothpicks are small and cute. The fork named Hime seems to have originated in Japan, and the act of cutting it into small pieces, stabbing it, and eating it may be a deeply rooted Japanese culture.

Smooth silver plating is applied to the base brass. Since it is not processed to prevent discoloration, it will gradually change to a calm color.

When eating a small snack or dessert It's a nice fork that fits perfectly.


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After use, wash well and wipe dry. If you apply a small amount of toothpaste (no granules or salt) and polish, the original color will be restored. Please note that the plating will come off if you polish it too much.



Size : 87 × 6 × 5mm
Weight : 5g
Material : Brass, Silver plating
Design : Osamu Saruyama
Manufacturing : Sakami Crafts


Azumaya continues to propose new aspects of good old Japanese "things" that are easy to use in modern life. Products that make use of craftsmanship have a consistent sense of beauty while considering the user.