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The first book produced by the design research project "Form," which aims to unravel diverse values ​​from a design perspective and disseminate the essence of design and creativity both domestically and internationally from Japan.

Form's first research subject was Switzerland, a powerhouse of design. The book is a compilation of interviews with designers and educational institutions who are influencing the global design world while living in small villages and rural areas. Form's representative, Arata Maruyama, traveled to the area and conducted the interviews and photography all by himself. While delving into the essence of design, the book also reveals a comprehensive approach to the environment that forms people, including how people approach their work, work-life balance, education, and relationships with the local community.

Unlike ordinary practical books, this book will provide an opportunity to think about our better future while unravelling the current state of Swiss design.


H259mm x W185mm
Hardback binding (hollow back binding)
Cover (glossy foil)
5 types of paper inside
238 pages

published in 2022 FormBOOK
Printed in Japan


A design research project led by the design studio &Form. It was initiated by &Form's representative, Arata Maruyama, and has been running since 2019. It unravels diverse values ​​from a design perspective and communicates the essence of design and creativity from Japan both domestically and internationally .

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