Flannel coffee filter

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A flannel filter for extracting coffee. The ring part of the flannel is detachable.

Flannel is an abbreviation for flannel, which is a brushed cotton material. Compared to paper drip, rougher flannel makes it easier to extract more ingredients. The oil component contained in the coffee beans is well extracted, and you can enjoy the smooth taste and rich aroma.

Unlike disposable paper, flannel can be used repeatedly. Remove the wire from the handle and clean it. After rinsing with hot water, put the flannel in a container soaked in water and store it in the refrigerator. When it becomes clogged and the extract drops slowly, it's time to replace it. Number of uses Aim for about 50 times. → replacement flannel

It takes time and effort, but by extracting while touching the equipment, your senses will be sharpened and you will be able to brew coffee in your own way. Please enjoy the moment of extraction while feeling the depth of coffee brewed with flannel.


Material : cotton, oak, stainless steel
Size :  Large 212mm / Small 200mm
Wheel diameter : Large 100mm / Small 87mm
Handle length : 80mm
Weight : Large 55g / Small 50g
Manufacture : MAROBAYA, Nagai woodworking shop, Sakami Kogei
Supervised by Daibo Coffee


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