Coffee Pot

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A drip pot specialized for extracting coffee. It's a good size and fits comfortably in your hand.

The biggest feature is the spout. It is processed by tapping the mouth so that thin hot water can be dropped. Thin hot water that draws a line, or hot water like a drop that falls one drop at a time. You can adjust the amount of water you want from the spout like a crane's beak.

The material is stainless steel that keeps the water temperature from dropping. The handle is hollow and has holes to allow heat to escape. The lid is integrated so you don't have to worry about dropping it during extraction.

At the famous Daibo coffee shop that used to be in Minami Aoyama, It is a reproduction of the tools actually used by the owner, Katsuji Obo. Mr. Obo himself customized and used what was originally a commercial product for business use. Sadly, the shop closed in 2013, but its stoic spirit has been carried on in the form of tools.

Because it is a coffee extractor, it is not versatile and not for everyone, but it is recommended for those who want to enjoy their coffee time leisurely and those who want to pursue brewing methods.

I posted a video on Instagram → Drop the hot water , open the lid , spout


How to use
Please use it by transferring the hot water boiled in another kettle.
You cannot boil water directly on the stove with it.
Please use up to the 90% (750ml).
After use, wash lightly and dry.
Dishwasher safe.

Size : 210 × 100 × 175mm
Weight : 480g
Material : Stainless steel
Capacity : 750ml
Supervised : by Daibo Coffee
Manufactured : by Sampo Sangyo, Sakami Kogei
Country : Japan


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