Coffee Server

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A coffee server designed by STUDIO PREPA in Japan. It comes with a glass body and a removable wooden handle.

The glass server body is designed like a flask used in scientific experiments. The caliber is moderately narrowed, so you can easily stack a regular dripper on top of it. It can also be used with Azmaya's Fabric filter small .

The wooden handle is handmade by craftsmen. It can be attached freely, and depending on how you fasten the handle, it can be used by either right-handed or left-handed people. The fact that the handle can be removed not only has the advantage of being hygienic and easy to wash, but it can also be used as a pitcher by itself.

A coffee server with an industrial design that exudes the warmth of handcraft. It can be used not only for coffee , but also for brewing black tea, herbal tea, etc. It is an everyday item that makes daily use a fun tool.



Caliber 61φ

Body diameter 112φ
Height 152mm
Capacity: 500ml
Direct heat: Unable
Manufactured by Koizumi Glass Works

Wooden handle
Length 145mm (handle 72mm)
Thickness 15mm
Manufacturer: Roam

All made in Japan



Studio Prepa
The studio based in Nagano run by Katsuhisa and Mizuho Taira. They design and produce glass products with their delicate sensibilities and solid techniques. They handle not only glass but also different materials such as wood to create simple yet functional, comfortable everyday items.