Coffee Cup L

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A coffee cup based on a chinaware that is thought to have been made from the Taisho era to the early Showa era in Japan . It's a quaint vessel that looks like it was found at a second-hand market.

Although the main body is made of porcelain, there are some spots of glaze and black spots, giving it an atmospheric look. The blue lines on the Gosu are hand-drawn, and the red border decorations are also stamped by hand. The appearance of accepting the imperfections of handiwork as they are, rather than due to artificiality, gives it a calm and youthful appearance, as if it had always existed.



Size : Φ73mm × W95mm × H74mm
Material : Porcelain, Gosu, Clay glaze, Red glaze
Weight : 145-160g

Capacity : 230ml (full of water)
Design : Osamu Sugimoto
Prototype : Tetsuro Kaneko
Manufacturing : Shiratakegama
Made in Hasami Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan



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