Chopsticks Box

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A vertically long box with a beautiful flowing grain made to store chopsticks.

The material is solid elm. There are no seams because it is made from one piece of wood. You can see the skill of the craftsman, such as the difference in the angle of inclination between the inside and the outside, and the delicate rise of the edges. Not only as a design, it is an excellent product that is easy to take out and hold.

Also, since the material is wood, you don't have to worry about damaging the things you put inside. Not only chopsticks, but also cutlery and writing utensils can be gently stored.

You can put it in and take it out of the drawer, or leave it on the table. It is a nifty gem that can store various things depending on the idea.


Size : W235 D63 H37mm
Material : Elm
Weightl : 130g
Manufactured : by Aizawa Kogei
Country : Japan


Azumaya continues to propose new aspects of good old Japanese "things" that are easy to use in modern life. Products that make use of craftsmanship have a consistent sense of beauty while considering the user.