Ebony Chopsticks

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Ebony chopsticks with a smooth wood grain. It is a beautiful dining table tool that has been purely polished.

Because it is unpainted, it does not have a film like common chopsticks. For that reason, it absorbs moisture and crawls, and there is a fun unique to the wooden base. By soaking the chopsticks in water before use, food will not stick to the chopsticks, and the weight of the chopsticks will increase to improve balance.

After use, do not soak in water, rinse well and dry thoroughly. If the tips of your chopsticks are damaged, clean them with sandpaper and wipe them with rubbing alcohol. There is a pleasure that you can take care of your daily tools by yourself.


Size : 235mm Chopstick
Material : Ebony
Manufactured : by Aizawa Kogei
Country : Japan


Azumaya continues to propose new aspects of good old Japanese "things" that are easy to use in modern life. Products that make use of craftsmanship have a consistent sense of beauty while considering the user.