Channel Point Pen Grid

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A knock-type ballpoint pen carved out of solid metal. A black 0.5mm core is built-in.

A “channel” is a waterway or groove, and when the clip is pushed in, the protrusion moves through the groove and is fixed. When storing the pen tip, pinch the clip and return it to its original position. The feel of the knock is hard at the beginning of use, but it gradually becomes familiar and smooth.

The shaft is machined one by one from a block of aluminum. It is divided into two parts at the center, and countless parallel grooves are lined up on the surface of the anterior shaft. It has a pattern of grooves that is said to resemble a record, and is an excellent anti-slip material.

The clip is made of brass and has a unique U-shaped bend. When you insert it into your pocket, you can see only the surface of the clip, just like a checkered tie pin. Brass is a material that changes easily over time, and you can enjoy the change in luster and dullness according to the user.





The lead is Mitsubishi Pencil Jetstream. Light and smooth writing is possible while being oily. The pen itself has just the right amount of weight, so you can use it as if you were drawing a sketch by moving your arm. You can purchase the specified refills at your local stationery store.

Ink flows from the reservoir of the core through the nib, rotates the ball, and adheres to the paper. An interesting commonality is that the mechanism of the ballpoint pen is like a kind of "waterway". Channel Point Pens are great tools for organizing your mind, jotting down notes, and creating a flow of ideas.



Size : 10 × 147 × 14mm
Material : Aluminum, Brass
Weight : 26g
Made in Japan

SXR-38 (0.38mm)

SXR-5 (0.5mm)
SXR-7 (0.7mm)
UMR-83E (0.38mm)
UMR-85E (0.5mm)
UMR-87E (0.7mm)



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