Tea strainer broom

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A tea strainer broom with a brass tube (cover). The tip of the broom is made of hemp palm and can be used to remove dirt from the teapot. Although it looks cute with a braided cord, it is a delicate and thoughtful cleaning tool.



・Pour hot water into the teapot and leave it for about 45 minutes to soften the dirt.
・Wet a broom with water and cover it with a cylinder. Place it on the spout of the teapot
・Fix the cylinder and push the handle to put the broom into the spout
・Pull the barrel up to the handle
・Move the handle and clean the inside of the spout with a broom
・After cleaning, rinse the teapot with water and dry it well.
・While the tip of the broom is wet, shape it
・Dry the broom well and store it in a well-ventilated place.


Size 6 × 120mm
Weight :  5g
Material : palm,  brass, silk
Made in japan


Azmaya continues to propose new aspects of good old Japanese "things" that are easy to use in modern life. Products that make use of craftsmanship have a consistent sense of beauty while considering the user.