Cafe au lait bowl

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An elegant designed bowl with rounded edges. It is based on a old tableware which is thought to have been made in France in the 1950s. Made with Japanese craftsmen using semi-porcelain that has a texture close to the original. The warm milky white color also leaves a gentle handcrafted impression.


The roots of the cafe au lait bowl are in France. Its origin is said to be a bowl used to dip bread into soup, which was used around the end of the 19th century. After coffee became a part of common French people's daily lives, they started drinking coffee with milk for breakfast. Locally, it is also called "Petit Dejeuner Bol / Breakfast Bowl" and is a popular bowl for breakfast and snacks.


It is not correct manners that you pick up tableware, but the bowls are sometimes held in their hands in France. Although it is bad manner act, it is endearing because it is something that happens at home. Also, although tableware is usually arranged randomly, it seems that each family member recognizes the bowl as their own bowl. We found such mysterious thing fascinating.

In Japan, some cafes that adopted the French style served cafe au lait in the 1970-1980s, so it came to be called "cafe au lait bowl". It is correct manner to pick up small bowl when they have meal, maybe that's why they feel so close to the bowl.

Cafe au lait bowls can be said to be a folk art product born from the ordinary lifestyle of France and Japan. It may be an opportunity to think about the culture how we use tableware.


It is an easy-to-use container that can be used not only for coffee or milk, but also for granola, yogurt, soup, etc. It can also be used for commercial purposes such as coffee shops. Please feel free to contact us.

Size : φ121mm × H66mm
Material : Semi-porcelain
Appropriate amount : 200ml
Full water : 330ml
Weight : 233g
Note : Microwave oven & Dishwasher safe
Made in Japan


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