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A pressurized atomizer that can blow a fine mist. It is useful for ironing and leaf water for foliage plants.

Since the air is pressurized and then sprayed, fine water continues to spray while the lever is pressed. No hand fatigue as you don't have to repeat levers like regular sprayers.

Originally a sprayer for commercial use, it was adjusted for daily use. Since the nozzle is finely crafted, there is no need to worry about liquid dripping, and you can blow a uniform mist by holding down the lever. [ instagram ]

It is the finest sprayer that makes you feel the functional beauty without any decorations.


(1) Loosen the thumbscrew and remove the pump.
② Fill the main unit with water up to the 8th minute. The remaining 20% is the air chamber.
(3) Return the pump to the main body and screw it in firmly.
④ Press the pump up and down about 20 times to pressurize.
⑤ Hold the handle and press the thumb lever to spray.
⑥ After use, turn the main unit upside down and press the lever to release only the air.
⑦ After releasing the air, remove the pump and remove the water.
⑧ Wipe off the moisture and store without applying pressure.

It needs to be repressurized if the water level decreases during use. Chemicals that corrode metal cannot be used. When washing, please use a neutral detergent. For details, please check the enclosed specification manual.

Height : 200mm
Weight : 510g
Capacity : 400ml
Material : Stainless steel, Viton, Nickel plating
Manufacturing : Kuramata Sangyo
Country : Japan


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