6SHIKI Multi tote

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A casual tote bag made of firm canvas fabric with tanned leather. The fabric used is the historic Kurashiki Canvas.


Kurashiki Canvas Yarn-dyed No. 9


"Kurashiki Canvas" is an integrated production company from twisting yarn to weaving. Nowadays, the rare ``shuttle loom'' is used to carefully weave the pieces, relying on the experience and sense of the craftsmen.

Yarn-dyed No. 9 canvas, which is particularly difficult to produce, is treated with a slightly water-repellent paraffin finish. The tightly packed No. 9 canvas is moderately thick and durable. The texture of the taut fabric increases as you use it . Because the thread is dyed first, the color is good and the color does not easily fade.

The handle is decorated with tanned leather, Carefully sewn together by skilled craftsmen. The tanned leather along the opening of the bag can also be used as a handle, making it easy to carry in your hand.



It has one large pocket and two small pockets inside, a plastic bottle holder and a D-ring strap.

"6SHIKI" is a separate line series from fábrica. It is designed to be used more casually. Just like fábrica., it's a bag that's worth growing, and the more you use it, the more its texture and luster will increase .


Size : H270mm x W380mm x D180mm
Strap : 610mm (height to top approx. 280mm)
Material : cotton canvas / cowhide
Weight : 590g
Made in Japan


A bag brand based in Kurashiki Japan, which is made of the Kurashiki Canvas. They advocate universal, long-lasting, attractive Japanese manufacturing that can be passed down to the next generation.